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“The Heart and soul of Business Success”

Business Insights

What You Get:

  1. Bullet Accurately timed and recorded influences affecting you directly (you are ahead of the game).

  2. Bullet Know influences affecting your business (your knowledge, for your power).

  3. Bullet Employ the right people for their roles (enjoy the good vibes)

  4. Bullet Know what is ahead before it comes up (be first act and reap the rewards)

  5. Bullet Accurate predictions of specific influences for you to be ready when choices happen (for your stress free environment)

  6. Bullet Know the future outcome of your choices to make the best decisions (applied wisdom of your own intuition satisfyingly revitalised)

  7. Bullet Extra added value, long after the investment when you play back the recording of a personal or business consultation, and the predictable influences are able to  be verified, measured and valued   

Contact Dean: Phone: (+61 2) 9904 3341 - Click here to email Dean


  1. Bullet Refocused energy

“Thank you Dean for your reading last week. I found your

work gave me new insights and greater clarity about where

to focus my energy.” John K

  1. Bullet Integrity, humour and range of services

“I have always spoken glowingly of your work to any one that would listen and I've wanted for a long time to write and tell

you how happy I am with your range of services.

You always work with integrity as a number 1 priority and you always add the right amount of humour to whatever has to be told.” Catherine L.

  1. Bullet 9-11 Avoided
    A Taupo Times Newspaper Sales Manager averted her travel to the USA to avoid September 11th 2001 twin towers

disaster. “In September there will be a major incident affecting air travel for some time.”

  1. Bullet Gained Confidence with her Love and Business Life
    An International model gained confidence with her love life and business life, and commented, “Dean is my life coach and

has been for 13 years.”

Keynote Presentations

Dean's demonstration of individual needs with audience participation is a credible and unique experience.

Listen to your Intuition for success.
Team Building:
Rewards and recognition for results.
Creating great relationships at work and play.
Human Resources:
The right person for the right job.
Your unique predictable pattern of influence
The real you can get it!
Character Portrayals:
Your attributes, talents and needs discovered!

  1. Bullet “I am simply amazed by the way you engage your audience, challenge them and win them over. This is the mark of a true master in action. I am always impressed by your ability to take a brief and then deliver.”   Kerrie P