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WHAT you will get from DEAN COLLIER:
Recorded consultations: Face-to-face, or over the phone or Skype: Dean has delivered over 23,000 hours of recorded ClearVision consultations.
The "Dean of Numbers" accurately intuits your needs in the moment he receives them. He puts you in touch with the source of your intuition for your 'clear-vision'.
Dean uses and teaches a metaphysical method through the Symbols of Numbers since 1980. 
To book see Prices and Contact pages.http://www.deancollier.com/dn/Home.html


When you need certainty with choices or changes, Dean Collier, ClearVision Futurist will give you accurate forecasts of insights, wisdom and direction for you to make best Personal and Business decisions.


  1. Bullet  He Avoided a Horrible Accident
    A tailor with a brand new car scoffed at the ‘brake warning' given to him.  Later he was traveling with a trailer full of landscape rocks and applied his brakes earlier than normal. He avoided a horrible accident.

  2. Bullet He Would Have Saved Thousand of Dollars
    In February a furniture dealer wanted to know the best time to buy his dream home. Dean's Clairvoyant Insights showed August. He forced it to happen in May. The land subsided in June. If he had heeded the insight given, and not prematurely forced the outcome, he would have saved thousands of dollars.

  3. Bullet A Doctor was Reassured
    A Doctor was aware of the hereditary traits that caused his parents death. He was reassured in Dean's consultation his fate would not be the same as his parents.

  4. Bullet Gained Confidence with Her Love and Business Life
    An International model gained confidence with her love life and business life, and commented, “Dean is my life coach and has been for 13 years.”

Contact Dean: Phone: (+61 2) 9904 3341 - Click here to email Dean

Dean Collier radio interview