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  1. Bullet “Dean, you have no idea how some of the ‘fog’ has been shifted since your reading.” Fiona B

  2. Bullet A clear concise reading with timelines - wonderful. Dean takes the time to ensure clarity and understanding and is a joy to be with for such a personal reading. Thank you Dean.” Jan S

  3. Bullet “First of all I am blessed with your generosity of spirit and time Dean. What a beautiful, soothing voice you have. The reading has left me believing more in numerology.  I’m surprised at how much of the mini reading rings true for me.  It was also quite a healing experience. Thank you.” Kristyn H

  4. Bullet “I feel quite clear and resolved about the situation now and am more restored within myself. As we discussed, this is a process. If your friend had to go through the blades of a helicopter, I had to go through a cyclonic storm. Other analogies come to mind but it would be like writing the memoirs to my first novel to describe them! I feel calm around me now. I feel ready for more in my life, even more happiness!! I haven't felt like this for a long, long time. We are all metamorphosing; I think that is a word! And I am getting ready to successfully meet the happy challenges for next year, instead of the dark ones of last year.” Jennifer L

  5. Bullet "I remain blown away by Dean's reading - it was (and will continue to be) enormously helpful. I am still a little stunned (and delighted) at it's relevance and usefulness, especially right now!" Annie W

Personal Insights

What You Get With Consultations:

  1. Bullet Recorded clear vision insights with accurately timed and measurable results (for your greater expectant certainty)

  2. Bullet Personal Insights gained to choose your direction
    with clear messages to make your best decision (for you to realise full potential in personal and business success)

  3. Bullet Your intuition is freed up again to successfully move through any inner self-doubt. Dean does not tell you what to do. He accurately picks up the influences and gives personal predictions to signify what is needed. 

  4. Bullet Reassurance of your direction is uplifting, giving you certainty and tangible results . . .  It's like . . . you know, you know that you know.

In addition:

As a Para-Psychotherapist Dean uses Colour Psychology, an Alternative 'Counselling Method, that accurately reflects your emotional mental or physical states, enabling obstacles from the past to be cleared.

  1. Bullet Uncovered Real Need in Just Five Weeks
    A patient had been receiving mainstream counselling for 7 years. Dean's Colour Psychology work uncovered his real need in just 5 weeks. A deep-seated need was found so it could be treated and healed.

  2. Bullet “Dean I just had to write to let you know how happy I am with the one on one work we did late last year.

If you recall you helped me through a time of huge change with a detailed personal and business intuition reading and also I agreed to try the Colour Psychology that you also offer. I hadn't heard about this type of counselling until you mentioned it.  I am very glad I took the 'gamble’ if you like. 

You beautifully counselled me through 6 sessions where we worked through issues around my family, work, relationships etc. It was Absolutely Fabulous and it was worth every cent, and a very personal and validating way to bring closure to many past patterns that had been holding me back in my life.

The investment has come back more than tenfold with me having more personal strength to move forward in my life. I have a lot clearer boundaries (which had been a big learning) and understanding and meaning of my life direction has improved, and my overall communication - has better clarity. I must add I have more fulfilment in my day-to-day world. What an absolute blessing you are.”

Catherine L.

  1. Bullet “Thank you Dean. You have healed my subconscious mind, released emotional and mental stress and made my choices easier to manage” SS

Contact Dean: Phone: (+61 2) 9904 3341 - Click here to email Dean

Do you know you can have your baby’s influences predicted at birth?

  1. Bullet It is helpful for both parents to know the needs of your child and a wonderful experience for any parent.

  2. Bullet For you and your baby, Dean offers you a wonderful investment for your child's future. A 30 minute live voice recorded reading over the phone or skype, and CD or MP3 you can play over and over again, to remind you how to bring out talents and meet the needs of your baby as they grow through childhood and into teenagers.

  3. Bullet Email or phone Dean (+61 2 99043341) to book a time to record your baby's special reading. Call now. Help make you and your baby's relationship the best it can be.


Help your baby be their best. Encourage their strengths, know their challenges and help develop their gifts.

  1. Bullet “Having a Baby is a huge step and getting a baby reading is a wonderful way to ease some of the worry on what their future holds and how you can support them the best.

Dean is wonderful at letting you know ups and downs the possibilities and the hurdles of your baby’s future. Thank you Dean, it has helped us immensely.”  

Janine, Christchurch, New Zealand