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Contact Dean: Phone: (+61 2) 9904 3341 - Click here to email Dean

‘Know Self, Create Self, Understand Others’ Feedback
“Dean shared a wonderful wealth of information and I gained more 
understanding of myself and others close to me.”  
Catherine L

“The workshop was an introduction to a concept I had no idea about but heard a lot about recently. I now have a level of appreciation of ‘The Nine Human Essences’. There is a lot to digest so it is good just to take in Dean’s years of knowledge and understanding and his honesty in refreshing.”  Jan R
“The workshop fulfilled my expectations and more. We covered a lot and I was able to understand and see the bigger picture – though I need to learn more. I plan to use the information gained and the workbook and Dean’s book ‘The Nine Human Essences for Business Success’ to apply to myself first and then apply to others.”   Sue C
“A wonderful workshop where you gain an understanding of 'The Nine Human Essences' to maximise your true potential. And in turn applying the knowledge and insights helps you understand others better.”   Yvonne C

Dean’s Symbols of Numbers workshop feedback.

 “ Wonderful first course. And in the second course I gained 
further understandings and insights. The workshop fulfilled 
my expectations absolutely. I will use the learnings with                    
my clients, partnerships, predictions, future events, plans,         
goals  . . . everything!”  Tess  
Next course at Tess’s ‘Soul Haven‘  South Penrith, TBA call Tess on 02 4704 8500                                                                                                
 “I enjoyed listening, learning and the beautiful energy you Dean & Yvonne shared with us. Thank you for a great education & fun.”  Georgia.

 “The course was brilliant. It fulfilled my expectations and more.”  Sabine

 “I learnt a lot about myself and how my life has come together so far. I have a deeper understanding of my life purpose. Thank you.”  Trish

 “Dean is very passionate about the symbols of numbers. His stories and anecdotes put the numbers into context to understand the vibrations.  I will use the knowledge to understand myself better and to increase my understanding of family and friends.”  Anthony

 “Thank you Dean. I have a better understanding of myself, the events in the past and I can better understand friends and family.”  Mel

 “What a fantastic course with Dean. I have a much better understanding of myself, friends, family and I will use the knowledge to understand and relate to others better.”  Heather
The Nine Human Essences Workshops
Discover your governing unique vibrational patterns, and the language of Human Essences. You can understand, gauge and know the needs of self and others’ better.  The workshops are experiential to gain understanding of the vibrational influences found in your birthdate or discovered intuitively.   It has great application for recognising the potential in people’s natural talents , attributes and needs in the workplace and in personal life.

Dean's courses are designed to initiate and develop  your Personal Intuition (your intuitive knowledge expands your emotional intelligence)

Individual recognition of personal attributes, talents and needs, enhances your conference and/or in-house training programs (so you and your people get along better with each other)

Tele-classes: A unique experience to improve your personal life choices.
"Your Personal Intuition Introduction"
"Your Emotional and Mental Abilities"
"Your Unique Predictable Patterns of Influences

Know Self, Create Self, Understand Others With Dean Collier ‘The Dean of Numbers’

Sunday, 18 May 2014 from 9.30 AM to 4:30 PM (EST), Neutral Bay,Sydney, NSW

One day workshop Includes  . . .

  1. Workbook

  2. Dean Collier's book ‘The Nine Human Essences for Business Success’

  3. Coffee, tea and a light lunch

At the end of the workshop you will  . . .

  1.  Know yourself more deeply: Your strengths, talents and potential

  2.  Create a plan of action to unlock your intuition and maximise your success

  3.  Apply this knowledge to understand others and build better relationship